Breaking The Silence – GPE in Guatemala

Three of our students have recently returned from their Global Perspectives Experience in Guatemala as part of the Breaking the Silence 2013 Delegation.  We’ll hear more from Jamie, Jacqueline, and Kristin once they’ve processed the experience, but for a day-by-day recap of the trip, visit the Breaking The Silence blog.

Jamie with host family in Cerro Alto
Jamie with host family in Cerro Alto

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  1. Hi Jamie, Jacqueline and Kristin,
    I just returned from Guatemala also, yesterday. I was with the Mining the Connections Tour, also organized through Maritime Conference. I will read your blog when I can give my full attention to it. You can read our group’s blog on the Kairos website. Perhaps we can compare notes. The Mining the Connections group will be doing some follow-up work at the national level of the church, so I will be in touch at some point.
    Elaine Kellogg

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