Upcoming Second Fridays – Hospitality

Coming up on Friday Oct 11, 2013, Jamie Howison and barb janes will reflect on faith, hospitality, and the arts as part of CCS’s Second Fridays series.   If you’re in the Winnipeg area, please come.  Bring a lunch and your curiosity.

jamie-howisonGuests: Jamie Howison and barb janes

Jamie Howison is a priest of the Anglican Church of Canada, and the founding pastoral leader of saint benedict’s table in Winnipeg. He is the author of “God’s Mind in That Music,” a book exploring theological themes and ideas through the music of jazz legend John Coltrane.

barb-janesbarb janes currently ministers with the good people of Crescent-Fort Rouge United Church in Winnipeg. Ordained in 1984, barb’s ministry has given her rich experiences in the aboriginal setting, in the inner cities of Vancouver and Toronto, and with congregations in northern Ontario, Saskatoon, Selkirk (Manitoba). An adult-onset runner, barb is also an avid reader of fiction, a movie-goer, Winnipeg Folk Festival fan, and theatre buff.