Circles Within Circles

Circles Within Circles

The fall learning circle of the Educational Ministry Year ends today.  For the past sixteen days, sixteen ministry students from across Canada have been gathered in community to explore the educational function of leadership.

In a large group …

learning circle

And in small groups …

small groupDeveloping connections and learning from each other…

ministry with childrenAt the same time, the Central Council of CCS reflected on the Centre’s mission, vision, and plan for the future…

Council meets with Scott McCauley in OctoberAt the same time as that, a group of Anglican students met to reflect on ministering by word and example in the world…

Anglican studentsOn October 19th, all three circles (the Ed Year learning circle, the Central Council, and the Anglican students) intersected for lunch.  A time to meet each other, as well as a time to extend blessings and good wishes to Jamie and Kristin, two Integrating Year students who have left for a Global Perspectives Experience in Guatemala, and to Liz Bachmann who is retiring from her position as Administrative Assistant at CCS next  month.


It is a wonderful thing when circles intersect.

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  1. These are great pictures of the CCS community gathered in a single place and yet representing such breadth and depth and diversity. Thanks Scott! Maylanne.

  2. carrie says:

    i have no memory of this picture and i have no idea what i am reading…but everyone sure is watching me…

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