Marc Remains Involved

Marc Remains Involved

Marc Desrosiers, former Development and Community Relations Coordinator at CCS, will continue to volunteer with the bi-weekly “Common Threads” updates and the fall fundraising campaign.  Marc writes:

Just when I thought my “volunteer time was up” at CCS, I will now continue to serve the CCS constituency on a limited part time contract for the next 3 months. I have continued to fulfill some limited duties on a volunteer basis since my transition from CCS to the Heart and Stroke Foundation in August. Going forward, my focus will be to continue this much-loved bi-weekly Common Threads, as well as to administer the Fall’12 Fund Raising Campaign. Early mornings (can you say 5:30 am!? ) and weekends will provide the time required to fulfill these tasks.

This approach will allow for additional transition time for CCS as they search for a replacement. In the mean time, I continue to do what I really love to do here, albeit at arm’s length. Again, Blessings to you all.

Marc Desrosiers, former CCS staff member

The Human Resources working group continues its search for a new Development and Community Relations Officer.  On the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, the following message was sent to members of Central Council:

The Executive Committee met twice last week, as directed by Central Council, to consider the recommendations of the Interview Panel for the position of Development and Community Relations Officer for CCS.

The initial recommendation to offer the position to a candidate was approved, but the individual declined, having already accepted another position.

After considering the options, the Executive Committee resolved “to ask the Human Resources Committee, in consultation with the Principal,
(a) to pursue contract work in development or community relations as needed for the interim;
(b) to review the job description for this position; and
(c) to work with the Finance Committee to reconsider the salary for this position.”

We are confident that these measures will allow us to sustain the momentum for development and community relations in the short term, and to take the time needed to review options and resources that will help us find the right person in the longer term.

Please wish us well in our continue search!

Maylanne Maybee, Principal