Apology to Deaconesses Conversation

Apology to Deaconesses Conversation

The Executive of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario Conference (UCC) will be having a conversation about the 2006 Apology to Deaconesses on Wednesday, November 7, 6:45-8:45 p.m. at Churchill Park United Church, 525 Beresford Ave., Winnipeg.

Before 1960 married women could not be in ministry in the United Church. Deaconesses who married were “disjoined” from the Order. Married women were denied ordination or barred from practicing their vocation. In 2006 the General Council Executive, on behalf of the Church officially apologized to the women affected by the rule and made a commitment that each Conference would mark the apology in some way.

Gwen Davis (McMurtry) (left) and Winnie Davis (Henderson), two of three sisters called to be Deaconesses, and affected by the church’s disjoining policy. (image source: www.uccdeaconesshistory.ca)

Conference Executive invites anyone interested in learning more to join them as they become more familiar with the history, identify practices today where sexism is active, and consider next steps. Caryn Douglas, who wrote her thesis on the disjoining of deaconesses will be one of the resource people. Your RSVP by November 6 to cabad@confmnwo.mb.ca would be helpful in planning.

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