Anniversary Weekend Underway

Anniversary Weekend Underway

CCS’s 120th anniversary weekend kicked off last night with an inspiring dialogue between Raheel Raza and Stan McKay on the subject of Diversity, Transformation, and Hope.  (Watch for clips from that event in the next few weeks.)

Welcome to the CCS 120th Anniversary!

This morning registration has begun.  Friends and former students are pouring into Woodsworth House to reconnect and catch up.  The anniversary planning committee has been busy setting up displays and organizing get-togethers.  One of the displays is a deaconess uniform from … well, we’re not sure.  Maybe the 50s, maybe earlier.  If you know, let us know.

Dorcas the Deaconess

If you aren’t able to make it here, but wish that you could, watch the blog in the next few weeks for pictures, reports, and video from this weekend.