More Interesting People to spend time with at the 120th

More Interesting People to spend time with at the 120th

Charlotte Caron, former Acting Principal and also a member of the 120th Local Planning Group, adds:

  • Dorothy Naylor who has retired several times but finally came to rest in Ottawa where she and Garth enjoy life in a condo community, are participants in First United Church (co-habiting/sharing with All Saints Anglican), and escape to Pugwash, NS in the summer. Dorothy currently serves on CCS Council.
  • Linda Ervin who was a founding member of Diaconia of the United Church of Canada, was chair of Diaconia of the Americas and Caribbean, and has served on World Diaconia. Her current ministry is in Red Deer, AB.
  • Penny Lewis who is a vivacious Anglican who believes it is important for Anglicans to have a visible presence at CCS and who offers great support to the principal and others who work for CCS.
  • Aileen Urquhart who graduated from the Western Field Based Diaconal Program uses as a motto “Stay Calm, Be Brave, Wait for the Signs” (Jasper Friendly Bear)
  • Heather Robbins who graduated from CCS in the spring of 2003 and settled to the Birtle – Isabella – Miniota Pastoral Charge and now works at Stony Mountain – Lilyfield Pastoral Charge just north of Winnipeg, living in Winnipeg with husband Don and near grandchildren. She has stories to tell about daring and silly times at CCS (and hair!)

Friday afternoon of the Anniversary Weekend (Oct. 12, 2-4 PM), groups will gather with others from their decade of graduation, as graduates of the Western Field Based Diaconal Program, as former/current staff, and as Friends/ Volunteers with the facilitators listed above and others.

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