CCS at MNWO Conference

Charlotte Caron, Ted Dodd and Ann Naylor from CCS attended the United Church Conference of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario meetings in Kenora, ON during the last weekend in May. Ted chaired the Conference Visioning and Critical Reflection Committee which helps the Conference keep grounded in its theology. Charlotte participated in a presentation called “A Prairie Banquet” outlining the resources for theological education in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. These two provinces have five United Church schools / centers with a rich and varied array of learning opportunities—Centre for Christian Studies with its focus on preparation for diaconal ministries, Dr. Jessie Saulteaux Centre with its dual focus of training people for Aboriginal ministries and cross cultural work, University of Winnipeg which offers courses, certificates and degrees in theology, Calling Lakes with the Designated Lay Ministry program, continuing education and lay training, and St. Andrew’s College which emphasizes preparation for ordained ministry in rural settings. We, the five institutions collectively and individually, have much to offer the Church in these areas!