Arts & Hospitality Podcast

The podcast from last month’s Mindful Munchin’ presentation by barb janes on The Arts and Hospitality is now available.  Barb spent her sabbatical researching various ways that churches have formed hospitable relationships with the arts and artists.  She is working on a book (maybe) which will be called (maybe) “Inviting Wonder” (maybe).  She accompanied her presentation with slides from the Refinery at St. James Anglican in Saskatoon, Old Stone Church and Trinity Cathedral in Cleveland, and Trinity St. Paul United in Toronto.

The audio podcast of this presentation is now available.  Just right-click on the link below (ctrl-click if you’re on Mac without a right click button) and choose “Save target as…”  Or you can just click the link and it will play in your browser.  The podcast is a 47 minutes MP3 (25 MB).

“The Arts & Hospitality”

The next Mindful Munchin’ is tomorrow with Amy Crawford discussing Children’s Spirituality.