Charlotte visits Alberta

In early December Charlotte spent the week in Alberta.  The Deans and Principals of United Church related schools held their annual meeting with United Church Staff in Edmonton, hosted by St. Stephen’s College.   The meeting gave opportunity for hearing news about what is happening at other schools and at the national church.  The mood of the meeting was positive.  Charlotte was able to report our good enrollment of students and to talk about the important work we do for the church in preparation for Diaconal Ministry.  We will watch with interest and give input as possible to the Candidacy Pathway work that is now going on at the national church.

Following that meeting, she visited with some diaconal ministers in Red Deer.  A wonderful part of that time was announcing to the congregation at Sunnybrook United Church that Mary Ellen Moore has been chosen as next year’s Companion of the Centre.  The congregation broke into spontaneous applause and faces lit up at the news!   Mary Ellen was a greeter and scripture reader at the service, and people were very pleased with CCS’s decision.  We look forward to the celebration in early April when the ceremony will take place