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Compassion is not a finite resource

Broadview has an article about CCS grad Bri-anne Swan’s accompaniment of a death-row inmate.

Holiday Open House 2022

CCS hosted a Christmas open house on Wednesday, Dec. 14th.

Covenanting Service for New Staff

Alan Lai and Alcris Limongi were welcomed to their new roles at CCS.

November CCS Friday – Why First Advent Requires a Second Advent

Join us on Friday, November 18 for an online discussion of Matthew 24. Is this “rapture” or is it a renewal of creation?

October CCS Friday – Getting Rid of “Us and Them” in the Church

Join us on Friday, October 28 for a discussion of “othering” in the church and how to move towards a church of belonging.

Images from Health, Pain, and Trauma

Students explored spiritual care for people in times of illness and pain.

Images from Ministry as Community-building 2022

Healthy community is the goal of and the path to social justice.

Voices Unheard

A dramatic response to the Indigenous Calls to the Church from the DUCC gathering.

Eyelash-to-Eyelash: Theological Reflections on Reconciliation

Former Principal of CCS Maylanne Maybee was a theological reflector at the recent DUCC national gathering.

CCS Fridays are Back! 2022-2023

Join in for an hour to learn something new in these one hour zoom workshops.  They are free but you have to register to get the zoom link.

Images from the Fall Integration Circle 2022

Students in the final year of studies at CCS gathered for their fall learning circle this week.

The Kaleidoscope of Faith

CCS student Jamie Miller used a kaleidoscope to reflect on her faith.

Getting Ready for a Return

Students are returning to in-person studies at CCS on Monday, and we wanted to be ready.

Taking a “Learning Organization” to Heart

Marcie Gibson will be doing PhD studies in Berkeley on “Diakonia as Pedagogy”

Circles for Reconciliation

Heather Robbins reflects on her experience with Circles for Reconciliation.