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Ministry in a Radically Changing World

Alcris and Alan talk liberationist pedagogy and transformative education with the Rupert’s Land News.

Principal Alan visits Victoria

Alan had a great time connecting with CCS friends and alumni in Victoria

It’s Time to Talk

The first in a potential series of video introducing CCS.

Anti-Racism and the United Church of Canada workshops

Honest conversation about racism in the United Church.

Hallcas Venezolanas

Alcris Limongi’s instructions for a traditional Venezuelan Christmas dish.

Compassion is not a finite resource

Broadview has an article about CCS grad Bri-anne Swan’s accompaniment of a death-row inmate.

Holiday Open House 2022

CCS hosted a Christmas open house on Wednesday, Dec. 14th.

Covenanting Service for New Staff

Alan Lai and Alcris Limongi were welcomed to their new roles at CCS.

November CCS Friday – Why First Advent Requires a Second Advent

Join us on Friday, November 18 for an online discussion of Matthew 24. Is this “rapture” or is it a renewal of creation?

October CCS Friday – Getting Rid of “Us and Them” in the Church

Join us on Friday, October 28 for a discussion of “othering” in the church and how to move towards a church of belonging.

Images from Health, Pain, and Trauma

Students explored spiritual care for people in times of illness and pain.

Images from Ministry as Community-building 2022

Healthy community is the goal of and the path to social justice.

Voices Unheard

A dramatic response to the Indigenous Calls to the Church from the DUCC gathering.

Eyelash-to-Eyelash: Theological Reflections on Reconciliation

Former Principal of CCS Maylanne Maybee was a theological reflector at the recent DUCC national gathering.

CCS Fridays are Back! 2022-2023

Join in for an hour to learn something new in these one hour zoom workshops.  They are free but you have to register to get the zoom link.