So long. Farewell!

So long. Farewell!

It was a time of celebration and good-bye. Friends, colleagues, board members, Companions of the Centre, students, graduates and CCS staff past and present gathered on September 6 at St. Lukes Anglican church in Winnipeg to honour retiring principal Maylanne Maybee.

Maylanne served as principal of CCS from August 2011 to August 2017, a time of on-going transition. She became principal as the position shifted to include more teaching responsibilities. In particular she developed Ministering by Word and Example and Images of Diakonia – Interpreting the Sacred in Church, both designed particularly for Anglican deacons. She also worked closely with the students attending learning circles. She oversaw the hiring of new staff and a major program review and restructuring which enters implementation this school year.

Maylanne has been an Anglican Deacon for over 30 years. She brought to that a lifelong passion for social justice and deep understanding and lived experience of servant ministry. At the celebration, graduate Gwen McAllister and student Tammy Bleue noted that Maylanne:

  • brought a sense of the holy;
  • was educated, but humble;
  • always had an open door to students;
  • had a deep commitment to education, liturgy and the diaconate;
  • would raise her eyebrow when the students amused her; and
  • was as tough as nails when need be.

Greetings and presentations were brought by:

  • Adrian Jacobs, principal of the Sandy-Saulteaux Spiritual Centre
  • Barbara Barnett, a Companion of the Centre
  • Tanis Kolisnyk from the Rt. Rev. Donald Phillips, Bishop of Rupert’s Land
  • Penny Cummine, Chair of Central Council
  • Eileen Scully from Archbishop Fred Hiltz, Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada
  • Chris Trott, vice-chancellor, St. John’s College
  • Lori Stewart on behalf of the staff

Maylanne will stay in Winnipeg for the next year and looks forward to enjoying concerts, ballet and theatre. She has been elected a Visiting Fellow at the St. John College where she will research a book about the diaconate. She has planned a retreat in Wales and a trip to west China where she will follow the path of Katharine Hockin, a graduate and former staff member of the United Church Training School, a predecessor to the Centre for Christian Studies.

Thank you, Maylanne, for all you have brought.


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  1. Morgan Ryder says:

    All blessings on this next chapter in your life…gratitude for all you are and all you have done for me!
    Much love and respect

  2. Hubert Den Draak says:

    At places of learning Principals come and go, not unlike clergy persons and their pastoral charges. I know that things change and are always in transition. But dammit, I will miss Maylanne, her style of leadership, her dry humour and her amazing memory for people and places. And I envy the people she will be working with next, no matter in what capacity.
    Good speed, Maylanne!

  3. Anita Rowland says:

    Wishing you a wonderful new stage of your life Maylanne! You will continue to enrich the world with everything you are! Thank you for sharing your gifts with CCS and the part you’ve played in my life. And next, I’ll see you soon!

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