First circle of Integration Year

First circle of Integration Year

The Integration I Circle has just finished. The four students who are entering their Integration year have headed home; Melanie Ihmels & Tif McNaughton to British Colombia, and Catherine Underhill & Anita Rowland to Ontario.

While Winnipeg isn’t exactly half way, there are other great reasons to meet at Woodsworth House!

This 6-day circle focused on theology, personal faith statements and official creeds, and diaconal/vocational/ministry identity.  The students practiced research interviews for their upcoming assignment on a diaconal minister, debated in character as the Wesleyan Quadrilateral, examined creeds from different continents, offered student-led sessions on Creator, Christ, Spirit & Sophia, debriefed their Global Perspectives Experiences, presented their Learning Plans to each other and more, all within 6 days.

Marcie Gibson is providing primary leadership and coordination to the Integration Year, with some co-facilitation from other CCS staff – drawing on their areas of strength and interest.

The Integration II circle will be offered online from October to March – through ten 2-hour sessions, focused on polity, book-study, and on-going integration.  The Integration III circle will be offered for 6-days in April, culminating in graduation and the Annual Service of Celebration.

Clockwise from closest – Tif McNaughton, Catherine Underhill, Anita Rowland, Melanie Ihmels

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