LDM Testimonial #3

LDM Testimonial #3

The third in our series of testimonials about why the Leadership Development Module might be for you:

Alice Watson is an Educational Ministry Year student at CCS who attended the LDM in 2009.

“The world and the church needs people healed, encouraged, and internally propelled by the experiential, reflective, interactive, and liberating Centre for Christian Studies program.  This little yellow house in Winnipeg hosts cutting edge education for ministry which combines:

  • a non-judgmental learning environment,
  • a commitment to walk a path of liberation and justice with others and,
  • an allegiance to prayerfulness and worship.

The process involves research, discussion, reflection, is based in community and includes hands-on field work.

The program is NOT dispensable or expendable.  The world needs it.”

For more info about the LDM, visit the CCS website.  Check out the previous testimonials (#1, #2)