Update on our Annual Campaign

Update on our Annual Campaign

Glenda has been updating you on a regular basis about the fall financial campaign.  But today we make an official announcement about a very generous donor who gave a large gift of company shares to CCS.  On the day of transfer the shares were valued at $147,000.  The donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, heard of our financial stresses and responded.  Our gratitude is overflowing!

What does this mean for CCS?

First, it means we will likely end this year without a deficit for the first time in many years.  The gift was split so that $100,000 is for the Operating Fund and the rest for the Endowment Fund.

Secondly, the money given to the Operating Account allows time for the Futures Task Group’s recommendations to be implemented, for the United Church to determine how money saved from ceasing to fund four UCC schools will be distributed (and whether CCS will be a recipient of some extra UCC money), and for us to seek other funding options.

Thirdly, it means our Endowment Fund has an added bonus that increases the amount we can draw from the endowment over the long run. This year we were able to draw $96,000 from Endowment to cover Operating Expenses.  We hope that soon, due to this kind of generous donor, a full quarter of our yearly expenses will come from endowment transfers.

What does this mean to you?

· First, it means you can be confident that your dollars invested in CCS will pay off!  We do excellent education and the churches need our work.  This donation ensures our viability through a challenging time.  Your regular donations will see us through in the long run.  We know that you care about CCS and its future and we encourage you to keep giving.

Secondly, this donation offers a creative option.  We occasionally receive gifts of shares, of bequests or life insurance policies, and of other forms of assets.  What do you have that you could give to CCS?  Call Glenda Knoll to discuss options that you might be considering.

Thirdly, you can offer prayers of thanksgiving for all gifts of generosity.  In this Christmas season, we give thanks for the smallest gift—a baby come into our midst.  That baby made a big difference.  Each gift, large or small that is given with generous spirit makes the world a better place.  So we give thanks for a special large donation; we give thanks for each small gift; we give thanks for God’s generous gift of love in Jesus Christ this holy season.

May you know the depth of God’s love this Christmas!

– Charlotte Caron, Acting Principal