Learning Circle Norms

The following norms have been established over time by staff and students in CCS learning circles…



In this community we make a commitment to treat one another with care and respect.

We work intentionally, attempting to be:

a community of learning,

  • Taking responsibility for our own learning
  • Making a commitment to the learning of other members of the circle.
  • Participating with care in the learning journeys of other members of the community.
  • Sharing our questions, concerns, insights and opinions as openly and honestly as possible, acknowledging that respectful challenge can lead to learning and growth.
  • Receiving from others in a spirit of openness and gratitude, acknowledging that this is not always easy.
  • Coming to sessions with the readings for those sessions having been done.
  • Being responsible for the work of all sessions and being accountable to staff for all work or sessions missed.

a safe community,

  • Ensuring that any gatherings of the community and any events that are open to all members of the community are alcohol free.
  • Limiting the use of scented products (personal care products, candles, etc.) recognizing that they can be harmful to others and be willing to identify specifically which products are irritants.
  • Providing a nut free environment.

a compassionate community,

  • Acknowledging and respecting the diversity of experience, styles, and needs in the group.
  • Regarding all personal information shared as confidential and to be held in trust within this group.
  • Taking responsibility for meeting our personal needs, taking into consideration our accountability to the community and the importance of supporting one another
  • Taking shared responsibility for expressing special needs and for responding sensitively and appropriately
  • Agreeing to challenge and being open to challenge concerning homophobia and heterosexism.

a considerate and consultative community,

  • Being conscious and careful of the language we use, recognizing the potential impact it may have.
  • Starting and ending all sessions on time.
  • Including regular times of evaluation.
  • Providing intentional “check-out” times.

We are called to live with respect in Creation.

  • During learning circles, as individuals and as a community, we will practice making environmentally responsible choices.

We are committed to using language that is inclusive, respectful and expansive, and ensures that all are included and none are excluded.


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