Diaconal Community

There are various organizations, nationally and worldwide, that represent and connect diaconal ministers:

Diakonia of the United Church of Canada

DUCCDUCC is an organization of diaconal ministers within The United Church of Canada. It also welcomes as members, others who understand their work as an expression of the diaconal ministry of Education, Service and Pastoral Care.

Association of Anglican Deacons in Canada

AADCAADC is an organization of deacons with the Anglican Church of Canada.

Association for Episcopal Deacons

NAADAED is an organization for Anglican deacons in North America.

Diakonia of the Americas and Caribbean

DOTACDOTAC is one of the three regional groups of DIAKONIA, the World Federation of Diaconal Associations and Sisterhoods. The other two groups are Diakonia Region Africa Europe (DRAE) and Diakonia of Asia-Pacific (DAP).

DIAKONIA World Federation

DIAKONIADIAKONIA is the World Federation of Diaconal Associations and Diaconal Communities. It constitutes a powerful ecumenical network of diaconal organizations and communities. It was founded in the Netherlands in 1947 as a symbol of reconciliation after the experience of World War II.