Cookies and Carols

CCS is opening its doors to folks who will be in and around Winnipeg on December 15th to join us for our annual “Cookies and Carols” celebration.   This event will take place on from 4 – 6 pm at the CCS offices (60 Maryland Street, Winnipeg).

Annual Fundraising Campaign

First of all, let me share some statistics with you…

Last year CCS had 33 full-time equivalent students training for diaconal ministry.
It costs CCS $15,163.97/year to educate each student.
A grant from the United Church of Canada covered $3,800 per student.
Each student paid tuition of $4,500.
This means, of course, that CCS needs to raise about $7,000 per full time equivalent beyond tuition and grants.
$7,000 times  33 students = $231,000

So far we’ve raised enough for 2 students.

Would you like to help?  Contact us at CCS to make a donation, or click on the “Donate” button in the sidebar to make a donation through the Canada Helps website.

Theme Year Fall Learning Circle wraps up

The fall Learning Circle for students in the Educational Ministry Year finishes today.  CCS will seem quiet tomorrow, after having 20 students in and around for the past two weeks.  We wish them well as they head home to continue their learning.

Stan McKay podcast

Last Wednesday, the Very Rev. Dr. Stan McKay spoke to around 70 people as part of CCS’s Mindful Munching lunchtime discussion.  The topic was “Truth and Reconciliation: Where Do We Go From Here?”.

Stan McKay

The audio podcast of this presentation is now available.  Just right-click on the link below (ctrl-click if you’re on Mac without a right click button) and choose “Save target as…”  Or you can just click the link and it will play in your browser.  The podcast is a 29:30 minutes MP3 (13.5 MB).

Truth and Reconciliation: Where Do We Go From Here?

The audience was a diverse mix of church and non-church people, students, aboriginal and non-aboriginal.  As part of the Stan’s presentation he invited everyone gathered to introduce themselves and comment on the T&R gathering in Winnipeg earlier this year if they attended.  Toward the end of the presentation he invited the gathered audience to share ideas for networking and action.  These were important parts of the discussion, although they aren’t included in the podcast.

At one point Stan commented that an hour over lunch was not adequate to really explore the issues and move toward action, and plans are underway with some of the people gathered to organized a longer and more in-depth event.

This is our first CCS podcast, so we may have a few wrinkles still to work out, but let us know what you thought by leaving a comment.

Mardi Tindal visits the Learning Circle

Mardi Tindal, Moderator of the United Church, dropped by the Educational Ministry Year Learning Circle today on her way through Winnipeg.  She brought greetings from the United Church of Canada (“Because I can,” she said) and expressed support and encouragement for the work the students are doing in preparing for ministry.

UCC Moderator Mardi Tindal with student and staff of the Centre for Christian Studies
UCC Moderator Mardi Tindal (left of centre, wearing the striped jacket) with CCS students and staff

IY wraps up / Melanie’s last day

The fall Integrating Year Learning Circle wrapped up today.  The students brought in Indian food from Charisma for lunch to share with the staff, in honour of Melanie Borondia’s last day at the Centre as Administrative Assistant.

Among the many gifts that Melanie brought to CCS, the most appreciated were here organizational skills.  In the sometimes chaotic world of a theological school, it was great to have someone who could put things in order.  Melanie is leaving CCS to study to become an English as a Second Language instructor.  All the best, Melanie!

And thanks for the lunch, IY gang!  I hope the Learning Circle was beneficial.  Looking forward to seeing you all again in the spring.

Events with Friends of CCS

There are 2 upcoming events – not CCS events, but led by friends of CCS.

Carolyn McDade, who was named as a Companion of the Centre in 2002, will be leading a singing circle in Winnipeg, on October 22/23.  More information …

Ray McGinnis, a CCS grad, will be leading a workshop entitled “Writing the Sacred” on Friday, October 8 in Winnipeg.  More information…

A New CCS Baby

After exactly nine months of morning (and afternoon, and evening) sickness, baby Ridd was born on August 26th, 2010 at 4:13a.m. Although his full name is Peter Ridd McKenzie, he will go by Ridd. He is named after Jeremy’s (Megan’s partner) wonderful granddad Peter Doerksen and the three Ridd’s who have so profoundly influenced Megan’s life: Karen, Bev, and Carl Ridd. 

In contrast to the two days of labour with Micah, Ridd was born after a ridiculously short labour- about eight minutes after their arrival at the Women’s Hospital. He weighed 7 lbs, 6 ozs and is a healthy, alert little boy and an enthusiastic eater.  Ridd’s big brother says, “Micah yikes Widd and wants give Widd yots big huds.”

Congratulations Megan, Jeremy, and Micah.

Annual Campaign

The Annual Campaign will be launched immediately with a new planned giving program called the Songs of Life legacy book.  This offers participants an opportunity to leave both a financial and historical legacy to the Centre for Christian Studies. Contributors make a promise to leave a bequest to CCS and have their life stories inscribed in the Songs of Life legacy book. The program honours donors who fund either a current or future gift to CCS.   Anyone who is interested in having a story written should contact the Centre. A copy of our new brochure is attached for your reading pleasure.

Companion of the Centre

“Companion of the Centre” is an honour we bestow on people who have made significant contributions to diaconal ministry and/or the Centre for Christian Studies.   We are looking for nominations, so if you have a thought or idea for the perfect person, please let us know.

The Video

We had a lot of fun earlier this year putting together a promotional video to be shown at various Conference annual meetings.