Make Christ’s love known by word and example

Make Christ’s love known by word and example

Are you an Anglican? Are you interested in the ministry of a deacon or learning more about the diaconal tradition in the Anglican Church? Well, MINISTERING BY WORD AND EXAMPLE is for you!

Word and Example is a 12-session online program for people interested in discernment, formation, or ongoing learning about being an Anglican deacon. Based on the competencies needed for a deacon found in the Iona Report, the course will be held Saturday mornings and Monday evenings from October 28 to December 4.  Read more about it here.

The last time we offered this course we had to cancel due to low registration, so if you’re at all interested, email today to let us know.

If God is calling you to make Christ’s love known by word and example, check this course out or pass the information on to Anglicans you know. 

Some of the fine folks from last year’s Word and Example course