March CCS Friday – The Ecology of Faith Formation

March CCS Friday – The Ecology of Faith Formation

On Friday, March 15 CCS hosted an online conversation about the eco-system of faith formation in congregations with our special guest Greg Smith-Young. Greg is a Growth Animator with the United Church of Canada and one of the leads of the Presence Project Network.

Within creation, ecosystems form as different and diverse creatures (living and non-living) interact together. Each part plays a vital role in making the whole. Ecosystems are about interdependence and integration. Greg explores what can happen when we bring an “ecosystem” way of thinking into the faith formation work of congregations.

Greg Smith-Young (he/him) serves alongside existing and newly-forming communities of faith in southwest Ontario, helping them to share in what Jesus is already doing in their places: inviting, welcoming, engaging, forming disciples, and sending to share in God’s Presence.

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