Alcris Limongi named new CCS Program Staff

Alcris Limongi named new CCS Program Staff

The Centre for Christian Studies is very happy to announce the appointment of Alcris Limongi as a new member of Program Staff, starting on October 15, 2022.

Alcris is an ordained United Church minister who has most recently been serving as Minister of Pastoral Care at Parkdale United in Ottawa, ON. She has also served the church as Racial Justice, Gender Justice and Sexual Minorities Coordinator for the United Church of Canada’s General Council Offices. In her leadership of Racial Justice training she draws on the principles of “courageous conversation.” She is an educator at heart.

Alcris has a passion for transformative pedagogy, intentional community, compassionate and inclusive ministry, pastoral care, social justice, and contextual theology. Her theological boundaries have broadened, from theological and biblical studies in Venezuela to her MDiv and her years of Doctoral studies at Emmanuel College and the Toronto School of Theology. While at Emmanuel she studied with Latino professors and theologians across the US, affirming her identity as Latino/Canadian and, as she says, “the gift of my brown eyes to the church.”

“We’re so glad to get her!” said Kathy Douglas, co-chair of the Program Staff search committee.

Says Alcris, “I am grateful and very excited … truly delighted to embark in this journey with the CCS family.”

Alcris will join the Program Staff team of Janet, Marcie, and Scott, as well as other CCS staff Lori, Cheryl, and the newly named Principal Alan Lai.

We look forward to welcoming Alcris to her new position as Program Staff.

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  2. Rob Murdock says:

    Congratulations and welcome Alcris!
    I am sure the student body will be well served by your insights and gifts for education and ministry.

  3. Michelle Owens says:

    Fabulous news!!

  4. Jennifer Prince says:

    Welcome Alcris! Looking forward to getting to know you.

  5. Norah McMurtry says:

    Wonderful news to hear Alcris will be on staff at CCS!

  6. Betsy Anderson says:

    Hurrah! What a great match! Enjoy Winnipeg, Alcris.
    Betsy Anderson

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  8. Karen Orlandi says:

    Welcome Alcris!
    I absolutely love your smile, and I think it indicates a sense of humor that will serve you well in teaching all the new students. I can’t wait to meet you and hear that laugh in person. My blessing and prayers are with you, Karen

  9. Carol Stevenson Seller says:

    Welcome Alcris and Alan. When I read your bios and saw your pictures I was wishing I could be a student again. CCS continues to offer solid creative leadership to the church. I’m sure there will be exciting times ahead. Congratulations.
    Carol Stevenson Seller.

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