Why Do You Care?

Why Do You Care?

In April we sent a survey to 429 of our amazing donors and asked why you care about the Centre for Christian Studies.  

Here are a few learnings:

  • 146 of you took the time to fill in the survey—that’s an excellent 34% response rate–in itself an indication of how much you care and connect to CCS.  Thank you.
  • 16 people told us about their giving preferences, which is good to know.
  • The following are the answers to some specific questions.

If you had to say one thing you love about the Centre for Christian Studies, what would it be?

What our donors love about CCS

What inspires you to give to this ministry? 

  1. I am impressed by the kind of education that CCS provides
  2. I have been blessed and want to give back as part of my spiritual practice
  3. I care about justice and know that’s a priority in formation at CCS
  4. I believe the world needs more diaconal leaders
  5. I am connected to the United Church
  6. I am connected the Anglican Church

Of the CCS activities you support, which is the most important to you?

Possible Responses

  • Free CCS Fridays or online workshops that anyone can join
  • Orientation of admission ministers to the Canadian church context
  • Formation of people God calls as deacons or diaconal ministers or leaders
  • Broadening student viewpoints with Global Perspective Experiences (GPE)
  • Learning circles that are experiential, for fulltime students and for lifelong learners
  • Regular check-ins for students to talk with staff about their learning
  • Field Placements, with oversight, where students can practice ministry
  • Opportunities for the CCS community to gather for worship, learning, and conversation
  • Something else

Thank you for participating and sharing your thoughts—it will help us tell you about the things that matter to you most over the coming year.