CCS Vaccination Policy

CCS Vaccination Policy

We are looking forward to gathering together in person for the Spring 2022 Learning Circles and celebration events. (Fall 2021 learning circles at the Centre for Christian Studies will be held online, as scheduled.) 

To protect members of our community, prolonged in-person events such as Learning Circles and the Face-to-Face Council meeting will be limited to people who are fully vaccinated. 

Gathering as a vaccinated community lives into our value of “grounding ourselves in sacred community” as an act of community-building that challenges individualism. Our commitment to justice and access for disabled persons demands that we pro-actively create spaces that are as safe as possible for immune-compromised members of our CCS family.  We affirm vaccination as a way of intentionally creating life-giving communities of learning that focus on growth, shared wisdom, hospitality, support and accountability.

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  1. Hubert Den Draak says:

    Very well put. Thank you.

  2. Diane Trollope says:

    Remember this is also a ‘gene therapy’. I’ve had two shots, and that’s enough.
    But, I hope you will, and no doubt you will as thorough educators, talk about the vilifying of those not having vaccinations and the many tiered system that will divide, not bring together, societies here and across
    the globe.
    How do we work for equity in this dividing separating approach to life? Where is God’s all encompassing love in the fear being woven by the powers that be?
    You see, I doubt complicity is God’s answer.

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