34 Students, 2 Circles, 10 Time Zones

34 Students, 2 Circles, 10 Time Zones

The Centre for Christian Studies has two learning circles going on at the same time today, with 34 students coming from 10 different time zones!

The Learning on Purpose circle began on August 16. Seventeen participants from Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland have been meeting for the past week and a half exploring leadership, theology, social justice, and learning in community. David and Janet are facilitating. The LoP circle ends this Friday.

The UCC Admissions Orientation circle started this morning. This is a new circle for CCS, designed for clergy who are entering the United Church from another denomination. Michelle and Marcie designed this circle in consultation with folks who have been through the UCC Admissions process (including Min-Goo Kang who is on call to provide pastoral support where needed during the circle). The Admissions Orientation circle will provide some useful resources, but also hopefully create a sense of community and support for those in the process of coming into the United Church. There are 17 participants in the Admissions Orientation circle from all around the world. (When I say that the circle started this morning, that’s only for those of us at the Centre in Winnipeg. For many, the session is starting in late afternoon or evening. For Hae Young Kim in Korea, the circle starts at 11:00 PM and goes until 7 in the morning!) The UCC Admissions Orientation circle started today and ends next Wednesday.

Scott is bouncing back and forth between the two learning circles, offering support where he can.

No matter what time zone you’re in, it’s an exciting time at the Centre for Christian Studies.

Some participants in Learning on Purpose 2021 are discerning their call, some are preparing for Diaconal Ministry education or designated lay ministry, some are active clergy or lay people continuing their education.
Participants in the UCC Admissions Orientation circle are in the process of entering the United Church of Canada from ministry in other denominations, and often other countries.

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  1. Rob Murdock says:

    Hurrah for CCS and the future of our Diakonia!!

  2. Christina Paradela says:

    That is such great news to hear of so many folks learning at CCS!

  3. Helen Reed says:

    We haven’t heard those numbers for a while — what hope-filled news. Thank you CCS for continuing to be a dynamic host for the growth of leadership in our church.

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