A modern, old-fashioned tea party!

A modern, old-fashioned tea party!

Tea parties are not a thing of the past at the Centre for Christian Studies. It’s always fun to gather in celebration with people who love this place.

A tea was held at the Centre for Christian Studies on Friday, November 16.  Approximately 30 people — friends, graduates, and volunteers — attended as guests.


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Ted Dodd poured for the first hour, followed by Sherri McConnell, Ann Naylor, and Caryn Douglas, all former staff of the school. Tea was served from an antique silver samovar and enjoyed by guests in an assortment of old-fashioned teacups. Beautifully arranged refreshment trays offered cheese and crackers, fruit, and dainties. Janet Ross set the tone for the afternoon wearing elbow-length gloves.

Virtual tea party: Michelle Owens, Kimiko Karpoff, Barbara Lieurance, Leila Curry, folks gathered in Winnipeg, Marcie Gibson, Beth Walker, Terrie Chedore

During the last hour, Kimiko Karpoff hosted a virtual tea party on Zoom, attended by CCS graduates Leila Currie, Barbara Lieurance, Marcie Gibson, Terrie Chedore, Beth Walker, and Central Council co-chair Kathy Platt. All of the guests arrived online with their own teacups in hand. They delighted in conversation with each other and with guests in Winnipeg.

A lovely afternoon was enjoyed by all.

While telegrams are no longer a thing, we did receive many notes by e-mail and direct message from students, friends and graduates across the country. Many were shared on our facebook page. We heard word of other small gatherings where people shared stories of CCS with friends and family over cups of tea. Thank you for sharing all of that!