DUCCs gather and we bid adieu to Conferences #GC43

DUCCs gather and we bid adieu to Conferences #GC43


During General Council 43, various people will be reporting on what’s happening, sharing moments and offering their reflections.  Marlene Britton-Walfall gathers with DUCCs and annoints while the Jenga towers fall.


Greetings from Marlene.

Lunchtime on Tuesday was filled with laughter and animated discussion as the DUCCs at GC43 gathered. It was a wonderful time of fellowship, made possible by Marcie, who not only found the space for us, but erected tell tale signs:



Click on gallery to view photos. Thanks for these, Kathy!


The evening event of the General Council was a Sunset Ceremony, to allow for goodbyes to be said to the court of the Church formerly known as Conferences. This took the form of a liturgical celebration, the highlight of which was symbolic rituals at different points in the gathering space.

There was  a place where people could play Jenga, as they tried to remove portions of the structure without causing the entire building to come toppling down. There were places where people could light candles and offer prayer on behalf of others, or for themselves.


Marlene offers annointing

Marlene annoints a presbyter at GC43

There was a place where people from each Conference could go up to the President and Executive Secretary (or their rep) of their conference, receive an anointing, offer prayers, and go their way in peace. This was a powerful moment, as there were conferences that were split and were losing people they had come to know and love.

It was a sacred time of tears, hugs, and prayers, as goodbyes were said, and the acknowledgement made that we were indeed living into newness.

One love.

Marlene Britton-Walfall is a diaconal minister at Knox United Church in Thunder Bay.




CCS Central Council co-chair Kathy Platt is sharing her reflections on GC43 at http://mckenzieuc.blogspot.com/. Check it out.