Integrating Year Spring Circle Starts

Integrating Year Spring Circle Starts

Ah spring, when a young theology student’s thoughts turn to graduation!

Josh Ward and Ian McLean began their final learning circle today before they graduate from the Centre for Christian Studies’ Diploma in Diaconal Ministries program this weekend.  Over this coming week they will plan for the worship service this Sunday, reflect on their personal credos, explore polity and changes within the church, think about ways to build support networks in their ministry, and continue making connections between their ministry and the need to work for right relations and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.

That said, learning circle facilitator Marcie Gibson introduced the agenda saying, “There’s nothing we have to get done this week … except for what we have to get done.”

At times the circle may be quite intimate, with only Marcie, Ian, and Josh in deep discussion.  At other times they will be joined by other CCS staff.  And on Saturday, their small learning circle will join the larger circle of the Educational & Liturgical Ministry Year, plus the members of the Central Council who are gathering for their annual face-to-face meeting, for a discussion of diaconal connections and convictions with new Companion of the Centre Linda Ervin.

Ian, reflecting on the fact that this will be his last learning circle at CCS, described it as both a sad happiness and a happy sadness.

As our students approach this milestone, feel free to offer words of encouragement and congratulations.

Ian, Josh, Janet, Marcie, and David at the Integrating Year spring learning circle.

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  1. Hubert Den Draak says:

    I sure can identify with that “happy sadness”. It’s all about balance, isn’t it?
    Good to see Ian’s groundbreaking “right relations” field placement noted in this month’s Observer, and with it our diaconal values and perspective.
    Happy trails, my friends – sad as they sometimes may feel!

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