Congratulations Are In Order 2017

Ian and Charmain hand-to-hand

Congratulations Are In Order 2017

Integrating Year students Ian McLean and Joshua Ward

This weekend is CCS’s Annual Service of Celebration.  At the banquet on Saturday two students – Ian McLean and Josh Ward – will receive their Diplomas in Diaconal Ministries.  At the worship service on Sunday, they will share a reflection and be recognized as grads.

Linda Ervin

Linda Ervin, 2017 Companion of the Centre

Also at the service on Sunday, Linda Ervin will be honoured as a Companion of the Centre.

Ann Naylor

As well at the banquet and the service we will be offering tribute to CCS program staff member Ann Naylor who is leaving the Centre to go on long-term disability.

Please be part of our celebration this weekend …

  • by coming in person,
  • or by leaving a personal comment below congratulating any of our graduates or our new Companion or expressing appreciation for Ann,
  • or by inviting your congregation or faith community to pray for us this weekend.

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  2. Jamie Bradshaw says:

    To Josh with whom I started my journey…and Ian who brightened my after-way…many blessings, my friends. You are both a gift to the church and to this hurting world. To Ann who has helped to light my way…and lighten my load…I have been privileged to be your student and now to call you friend. Shalom, good people, shalom.

  3. norma says:

    Congratulations Ian to you and your family. Hard work and perseverance.

  4. Marc Desrosiers says:

    Congratulations to all concerned, and a very happy retirement wish to Ann. May you and your partner both enjoy the fruits of your many years of dedicated work. Bless you.

  5. Peg Noseworthy says:

    Congratulations to Linda.
    Congratulations to Ann also.

    Wishing you the best celebration ever.
    Peg Noseworthy

  6. Rod Sykes says:

    Hey, Linda! More letters after your name — “COC”. No, wait, doesn’t that mean “Companion of the Order of Canada”? [Well, maybe that honour will come next!] Anyway, many congratulations, for so many reasons. Maybe your next award should be “DD” — “Devoted to the Diaconate”…
    Rod Sykes

  7. Jack O'Dell & Jane Power says:

    Linda, our hearts are lifted to see this recognition of the beautiful work you’ve been doing, for decades now, to inspire and support others who are trying to walk “in the way.”

  8. Carolynne Bouey Shank says:

    Congratulations to the 2017 Grads of CCS, to Linda Erwin as a Companion of the Centre, and gratitude to Ann Naylor, a mentor. I shall miss my time with CCS this weekend. Blessings to CCS, Maylanne Maybee as Prinicpal and the Program Staff and Staff, the students and the Central Council.

  9. Elizabeth Brain says:

    I am thinking of you all at CCS this weekend, and I hope you have a great time with Linda. Please give her my congratulations on her honour which is so very well deserved. I remember with admiration and gratitude working with her on the DUCC meeting which was held in Winnipeg, and of course for some time she was in Calgary. Congratulations and blessings also to the graduates as they transition into their new roles in the world.
    In peace
    Elizabeth Brain

  10. E. Louise Williams says:

    Congratulation to Linda Erwin for her far-reaching ministry over the years. It has been a pleasure to work with you in DOTAC and DIAKONIA.
    Much appreciation and best wished to Ann Naylor for your leadership. May your retirement be filled with joy and satisfaction.

  11. Beth Jennings says:

    Congratulations Linda- I have appreciated having you in my life all these years. You are a treasured friend and a respected woman who speaks her truth and lives her life with such integrity.
    Enjoy the Celebration.

  12. Tammy Allan says:

    A day late…however just as heartfelt…congrats to the new grads. To Linda – cheers on a well earned honour. You are a gift to Diaconal Ministry in Canada and beyond. To Ann- many blessings as you enter into a new way of being DUCC. Your mentorship has been so valuable to so many, and I am blessed to have been one whose life you touched.

  13. Catherine Underhill says:

    To Ian and Josh who I value as peers….I am happy for the gifts your both bring to community. Thank you for being a part of my journey. Congratulations!

    To Ann, a special mentor along my journey to whom I will always feel gratitude. You are a blessings!

    To Linda, congratulations and thank you for your care and continued support to the center.

    To all of C C S, Thank you for everything, I am a better person because of the learning and fellowship journey with the center. See you soon!

    • ALLAN GAIRNS says:

      Hello Linda and Ann,
      Congratulations to you both. I was never a CCS student as I come out of St. Steve’s, but you were both part of my faith journey exemplifying Christ’s call to justice and compassion in our relationships with each other and Creation. Your example will continue, I am sure, to inspire many folks in their journeys as well.
      I don’t travel much but maybe some day we will connect again in person–God with you Linda and Ann and all of CCS staff and students.
      Allan Prairie Points PC SK

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