Mentor Training for Rupert’s Land Deacons

Mentor Trainiing participants

Mentor Training for Rupert’s Land Deacons

The diaconal mentoring model that is so familiar to our United Church students is now one step closer to being a reality for Anglicans in the diocese of Rupert’s Land.

Mentor Trainiing participants

Penny, Karen, Marline, and Elaine

On Friday evening and Saturday four deacons gathered at CCS for the first of two weekend events to train them to mentor other candidates and ordinands to the diaconate. The Rev. Peter Flynn, formation director for deacons, welcomed Penny Cummine, Elaine Pinto, Karen Terlinski and Marline Wruck  on behalf of the diocese. Maylanne Maybee facilitated the training.

We worshipped together, reflected on the mentoring role and process, found out how to set learning goals, were introduced to the Spiral Model for Theological Reflection, and worked through tools such as case studies, learning logs, sermon feedback, verbatims, theological questions, journaling, and critical incidents.

And of course, we did the fun things in between – snacked, told stories, shared books and videos (have you seen the magic coffee table?), and talked church politics.

Elaine at Mentor Training

Elaine role playing as a mentee

The second weekend will focus more on the content of mentoring sessions – sharing learning goals and faith journeys, diaconal perspectives on different aspects of ministry, Biblical and historic origins and development of the diaconate, contemporary issues and international connections.  We look forward to having Caryn Douglas and Josh Ward as guests to share with us their live experience of a mentoring relationship.

The participants reflect different areas and aspects of the diaconate in Rupert’s Land – including pastoral, spiritual, social, and team ministry experience.  If all goes well, the program will be extended as part of the ministry formation of the diocese.


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