Commitment 101

LiloJean Frid

Commitment 101

Happy birthday to LiloJean Frid, who turned one-hundred-and-one on Tuesday!  LiloJean connected with CCS a few years ago when she was on the discernment committee for one of our students (now a grad), and she has continued to be a supporter of CCS ever since.  We appreciate her commitment, and the commitment of everyone who supports our educational work.

(Note: The photo is from her 100th birthday, but it’s a lovely cake!)

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  1. Debra Kigar says:

    Proud to say that I was that student! I treasured Lilojean’s support throughout my discernment process and she accompanied me to each and every one of my E&S interviews as well. I’m honoured that she chose to support CCS at the time, and that she continues to do so! What a woman!

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