CCS at Rendezvous

CCS at Rendezvous

This week the national United Church youth and young adult event Rendezvous 2014 was held in Winnipeg.  400+ young people and folks involved in youth ministry from across the country gathered at the University of Manitoba campus to connect and be inspired.

CCS was pleased to have a group of the participants visit us on Thursday.  They were introduced what we do at the  Centre and then invited to visit various activity centres to reflect on diaconal ministry.

a group of young people sitting on the front steps of CCS

Rendezvous 2014 participants visit CCS

On Friday afternoon Ted, Scott, and CCS alumni Tracy Robertson led a workshop on “How to Get Out of the Church” in which participants were invited to think about what community, justice-making, and the sacred look like in a non-church setting, and what from our “church world” is usable and relevant and what is alienating and weird in the secular world.

There was a goodly contingent of CCS alumni, students, and friends at Rendezvous, including (but not limited to) the aforementioned Tracy Robertson, Vicki McPhee, Debbie Coss, Laura Fouhse, Jordan Cantwell, Dan Leaver, Mary Nichol, Keith Hall, Ray McGinnis, Kristin Wood, and probably some others I didn’t run into.  The event was also filled with engaged and faith-filled young people, so we might see some of them making their way to CCS in the years to come.