Farewell Meytal

Farewell Meytal

Meytal-at-deskCCS’s Administrative Assistant, will be leaving us on April 25 for another job. She has been offered a position with Jewish Child and Family Services which suits her skills well and offers amenities for a mother of small children. Meytal joined the CCS staff team in December, and since then has offered her unique gifts and openness, which in turn have enabled the rest of us to grow and learn. Her departure saddens us, but without such interludes and changes, we would be at risk of atrophying, of operating week in and week out on untested assumptions.  Meytal tells us that she enjoyed connecting with the CCS community (staff, students, volunteers, etc.) and values those bonds.

So thank you Meytal, for making us laugh, for feeding us, for fixing the photocopier, for singing in Hebrew and bringing cake on our birthdays. We wish you well in your new job.

Liz Bachmann and Terry Reilly will be job sharing the role of interim Administrative Assistant during May and early June as required. So thank you too!

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  1. Catherine Undehill says:

    Dearest Meytal, My hear recalls fond memories of chatting with you during the CCS Ed Year in March and April of this year. I will miss your smile upon my return in October.
    I wish you well in your new endeavor’s with the Jewish Child and Family Services.
    Many blessings to you and yours, may this time of transition be rich with moments of joy. Enjoy your journey.
    I am grateful you have crossed my path.
    Carry on soldier!
    Love and Fellowship

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