Ed Year Spring Learning Circle Wraps Up

Ed Year Spring Learning Circle Wraps Up

winter-ianThe spring learning circle of the 2013-2014 Educational Ministry Year started three weeks ago, in what was technically spring but felt more like the dead of winter.

Fourteen students from across Canada came together to continue their learning in community – learning fuelled by deep conversation, creative expression, and, of course, coffee.

conversation-lynn-mary skit-anne-hubert coffee-anita

Session on theology and ministry practices facilitated by CCS Program Staff members (Ted Dodd, Maylanne Maybee, and Ann Naylor) were interspersed with sessions planned and led by students (including topics like Confirmation, Congregational Revitalization, and New Technologies).  As part of the learning circle’s final week students took part in an “Arts Festival” – where guest artists Bob Haverluck, Alison Norberg, Deborah Schnitzer, and Scott Douglas led workshops on visual and fabric arts, writing, and drama.  The next day the students worked collaboratively to create works of art on social justice themes.


fabric art installation exploring relationships of power and privilege.

Today the students are working on their “review of learnings” – evaluating their own growth over the course of the learning circle and providing feedback to each other.  After a closing worship this afternoon they will head home, perhaps to rest, or perhaps to dive into preparations for Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter services in their home congregations.

Their learning continues, but for the students the learning circle is a special and intense time of action, reflection, and transformation.