Welcome to Joy Ooto

Welcome to Joy Ooto

JoyIt would be utterly utterly wrong to say that since Liz retired as administrative assistant at the end of last week, joy has come to 60 Maryland.*  What could say, however, that we are very pleased to have Joy Ooto with us as interim admin assistant until December 9th.  Joy is a member of St. Margaret’s Anglican parish and a former admin employee at the University of Manitoba.  We’re appreciating her friendly, easygoing demeanour and good questions during this time of transition.

* (You  know that I’ll take any opportunity to make that same basic joke, right?)

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  1. Hubert Den Draak says:

    Welcome, Joy, looking forward to meeting you at the spring Learning Circle! (How Advent-ish to have “Joy” come to CCS now. Now if you folks can rustle up someone named Hope… )

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