Upcoming Second Fridays – The Arts and Social Justice

Upcoming Second Fridays – The Arts and Social Justice

Join us on Friday, November 8 at noon at CCS for Second Fridays.  Our guests will be artists Bob Haverluck and Fenella Temmerman discussing the connection between the Arts and Social Justice.

bob-haverluckBob Haverluck is an established award-winning artist and educator who has long combined art and education for social transformation. His work includes a project in ecological advocacy, artist in residence and adjunct professor of art and theology at the University of Winnipeg engaging urban issues, the use of the arts in conflict and peace education. Bob’s artwork has appeared in numerous publications including ‘Harpers’, ‘New Statesman’,‘Border Crossings’.. He has had solo exhibitions of his work in many places including Chicago , Toronto , Vancouver , Kenora , Winnipeg, and Riding Mountain National Park.

Fenella Temmerman, is a fabric artist who combines color, texture, light, and a love of nature to create an immersive experience.  Her work has been displayed in conjunction with performances by Carolyn McDade and the Sacred Web / Earth Charter Singers.  The “Beings” are twelve foot long panels depicting birds, animals, and plants, and are designed to be experienced by people walking through them as they enter a space, they are created to be touched and experienced.  You might have seen Fenella’s work at CCS’s 120th Anniversary event.  (see video below)

(Note: Due to a scheduling conflict, Karen Schlichting is not able to be a guest at November’s Second Fridays.  Thank you to Fenella Temmerman for taking her place, and we hope to have Karen as a guest sometime in the future.)




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