Who’s Who at the Program Consultation

Who’s Who at the Program Consultation

A word of explanation:  I was tasked, as the CCS “Information” officer, with writing up a sheet of biographies for the participants in the recent CCS Program Consultation, so people could have a sense of who they were meeting with and perhaps what others were bringing to the table.  “You know, just whatever you can find on the internet.”

Well, if you’ve ever googled yourself or anyone else, you know that some people have very little information about themselves online, and some people have lots, and it’s hard to know what accurate or up-to-date.  So in order to keep the various bios kind of balanced, and because I wasn’t going to be able to guarantee accuracy anyways, I decided to arbitrarily mix truth, half-truth, quarter-truth, and out-and-out lies.  Which, of course, gave people something to talk about when they met face to face.

By posting this on the CCS website, I realize that I am contributing to the increased chaos of the universe, because some day some poor sap may be doing an internet search for info on, say, Bishop Don Phillips, and who knows, maybe they won’t bother to read this disclaimer and assume that everything written here is true.  Ah well.

– Scott Douglas

CCS Program Consultation Bio Sheet

Note: This information may not be 100% accurate. Some of it may be made up.


Adrian Jacobs

  • Keeper of the Centre at the Sandy Saulteaux Spiritual Centre, a United Church theological school with a focus of First Nations ministry
  • Cayuga First Nation of the Six Nations Reserve in Ontario
  • published writer on the intersection of teachings and spirituality of Aboriginal culture with Christian faith
  • related to turtles

Alice Watson

  • Student representative to the CCS Program Committee
  • in her final year of the CCS program
  • from Ashcroft, BC
  • former school teacher and “Jeopardy” contestant in 2011

Andrew Reesor-McDowell

  • former Moderator for Mennonite Church Canada’s General Board
  • former director of the Hincks-Dellcrest Centre, a Toronto children’s mental health treatment, research, and education centre, and long-time supporter of mental health
  • great great grandfather fought the War of 1812

Ann Naylor

  • Program staff for the Centre for Christian Studies
  • Co-recipient of the Davidson Award for excellence in theological education
  • United Church diaconal minister who has worked in urban ministries in Maritimes and Toronto and in ecumenical campus ministry with SCM
  • former Division of Ministry Personnel and Education staffperson for the United Church General Council
  • repairs refrigerators in her spare time

Bruce Myers

  • coordinator for ecumenical relations with the Faith, Worship and Ministry department of the Anglican General Synod
  • missioner of communications in the diocese of Quebec
  • Archdeacon in the Anglican church
  • has met with Pope Benedict XVI on three occasions

Christopher Lind

  • Executive Director of the Sorrento Centre, a retreat and conference centre in British Columbia
  • Senior Fellow of Massey College at the University of Toronto
  • ethicist and theologian, author of books on Ecumenical Social Ethics, Globalization and Agriculture, Mission and Theology
  • former Director of the Toronto School of Theology
  • former Professor of Church & Society and President of St. Andrew’s Theological College, Saskatoon
  • consultant on the Spike Lee film “Do the Right Thing”

Chris Trott

  • Associate Professor, Warden and Vice-Chancellor, St John’s College, University of Manitoba
  • Research interest in Inuit society and culture, political development in the North, and missionaries, colonialism and Aboriginal Peoples
  • was injured while trying to determine the gender of a bear

David Fletcher

  • Member of CCS Program Committee
  • Director for non-stipendiary ministries in the Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island
  • Rector, Parish of Lantz, Nova Scotia
  • is an able seaman

Donald Phillips

  • Bishop of Rupert’s Land Diocese, Anglican Church of Canada
  • Master of Science in Inorganic Chemistry from the University of Western Ontario; Honors Master of Divinity and Doctor of Divinity from Huron College
  • has served in parish ministry in the Diocese of Athabasca and the Diocese of Qu’Appelle and as Ministries Development Coordinator and Executive Archdeacon in the Diocese of Qu’Appelle
  • interested in the development of new forms of local ministry with an emphasis on the priority of the ministry of the laos
  • the only surviving member of the Mamas & the Papas

Jackie Van’t Voort

  • CCS student
  • in her third year of the CCS program
  • lives in Toronto, ON
  • her original birth certificate listed her surname as “Vanapostropheteevoort”

Janet Ross

  • Program Coordinator for Intercultural Engagement and Education at the UCC General Council
  • attends Toronto Friends Meeting (Quaker)
  • has taught in the Religious Studies Department at McMaster University
  • fan of calypso music

Joan Golden

  • Member of CCS Program Committee
  • diaconal minister and CCS graduate (2005)
  • pastor at St. Andrew’s United Church in St. Thomas, Ontario
  • collects hotel bath towels from around the world

Julie Anne Lytle

  • Digital Evangelist and Theological Education Media Consultant for M3
  • Former Associate Professor Pastoral Theology and Educational Technologies, Episcopal Divinity School
  • academic training in Journalism/Advertising (BA, UNC), Theology (M.Div., NDU) and Religious Education (PhD, BC); professional experience as a producer using every form of media, oral, written, print, electronic, and interactive; and professional experience in every arena of church life from parishes and dioceses to national and university settings.
  • Interest in the relationship between community and technology, and between message, method, and media
  • changes her password every week

Kimiko Karpoff

  • Chair of CCS Program Committee
  • diaconal minister and CCS graduate (2011)
  • minister at Cliff Avenue United Church in Burnaby, BC
  • former interim program coordinator of Hospitality Project at Shiloh-Sixth Avenue United Church in New Westminister
  • daughter of a CCS graduate

Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd

  • adjunct professor at the Faculty of Theology, University of Winnipeg
  • recipient of the McGeachy Scholarship, Russell Graduate Fellowship, and Mary Rowell Jackman Scholarship
  • former coordinator for the In-Community Program for Ordination, a field-based educational program for candidates seeking ordination in the United Church
  • member of the Worship Planning Committee for the 10th Assembly of the World Council of Churches, the WCC’s Faith and Order Plenary Commission, and the United Church’s Theology and Inter-Church Inter-Faith Committee
  • speaks Spanish

Lori Stewart

  • member of CCS Program Committee
  • diaconal minister and CCS graduate (1987)
  • works at United Nations Platform for Action Committee (UNPAC) Manitoba
  • recently completed her doctorate in Education, International University of the Caribbean, with a thesis focusing on the “spiral” action-reflection model

Marcie Gibson

  • CCS student
  • in her final year of the CCS program
  • lives in Montreal, Quebec
  • niece of 80’s pop singer Debbie Gibson

Mark MacDonald

  • National Indigenous Bishop of the Anglican Church of Canada
  • former  Bishop of the U.S. Episcopal Diocese of Alaska
  • has served on the board of The Indigenous Theological Training Institute; the faculty of Leadership Academy for New Directions (Land XXVIII); and, a trustee of the Charles Cook Theological School in Tempe, AZ; and is the Board Chair for Church Innovations, Inc., member of the Episcopal Council of Indian Ministries, Member of the Governor’s Council on Suicide Prevention (AK), President of Alaska Christian Conference
  • a Third Order Franciscan
  • is barefoot under his socks and shoes

Maylanne Maybee

  • Principal of the Centre for Christian Studies
  • Anglican deacon for over thirty years, advocate for the renewal of the diaconate as a distinct order and ministry within the Anglican Church
  • former coordinator of Mission and Justice Education and Ecojustice Networks for the Anglican General Synod
  • was co-chair of CCS Central Council in 1998 when it decided to move the Centre from Toronto to Winnipeg
  • her middle name is Chinese, and translates into English as “Call me”.

Pat Thompson

  • consultant to nonprofit leaders responsible for mature organizations facing adaptive challenges
  • a Metcalf Foundation Innovation Fellow and Visiting Scholar at Massey College (University of Toronto).
  • interest in the connections between vocational, organizational and civic renewal
  • played bass guitar for a Village People cover band

Paul Gehrs

  • Assistant to the Bishop for Justice and Leadership at the national office of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC)
  • Chair of the board for KAIROS, and is on the Commission on Justice and Peace of the Canadian Council of Churches
  • has raced chariots at the hippodrome in Caesarea

Scott Douglas

  • Information Officer for the Centre for Christian Studies, in charge of student records, student resources, website, library, etc.
  • an award-winning playwright, and co-editor of The Unofficial United Church Handbook
  • former UCC overseas personnel in the Fiji Islands
  • is an alternate for the Canadian Uphill Skiing Team

Steve Willey

  • Program Coordinator, Education & Leadership Development at the UCC General Council
  • Vice-chair of the Churches’ Council on Theological Education in Canada
  • is a well-known Christian rapper

Ted Dodd

  • Program staff for the Centre for Christian Studies
  • Co-recipient of the Davidson Award for excellence in theological education
  • first person in the United Church to switch order of ministry designation from ordained to diaconal
  • has served in congregational ministry and is a former Worship, Education, and Justice staffperson at the UCC Conference of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario
  • placed 342nd in the 2012 Boston Marathon

Walter Deller

  • member of CCS Program Committee
  • Sessional Lecturer at University of Toronto – University of Trinity College
  • Past Principal and Vice-Chancellor at College of Emmanuel and St Chad, Saskatoon
  • Director of Program Resources at Anglican Diocese of Toronto
  • designed the logo for the Anglican Church of Canada


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  2. Gwyn Griffith says:

    I am SO impressed with this list of consultation participants — it must have taken a long, long time to get all those folks to come at the same time!!! The ecumenical mix is great and the perspectives that each must have brought would bring richness to the consultation. Thanks so much for doing a list of participants — and for the humour!!!

  3. CCS says:

    Thanks Gwyn. They were a great bunch to spend time with, and everyone was so generous with their thoughts and questions.

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