I CAN Come to the Banquet!

Tickets are now available for the CCS Graduation Banquet on Saturday April 13th.  As well as honouring the 2013 graduates of the Diaconal Training program, we will be singing with 2013 Companion of the Centre Miriam Therese Winter.  (Miriam Therese is one of the Medical Mission Sisters and writer of well-known songs like “I Cannot Come To The Banquet (Wedding Banquet)” and “Joy Is Like The Rain”.)  And, of course, there’s eating.

Tickets are $40.  Contact Liz Bachmann at lbachmann@ccsonline.ca to reserve.

And while you’re marking your calendar, mark the next day too.  Sunday, April 14th at 2:00 is the Annual Service of Celebration, where we recognize the graduates and honour Miriam Therese Winter as a Companion of the Centre.  The ASC is free and everyone is welcome.