120th Anniversary Updates

  • Approximately 50+ registrations to date plus 15 or so Social Ministry students plus staff!
  • A reminder: Early Bird rates apply until September 4. After that, regular registration fee goes up to $120. Register NOW online
  • The 120th Planning Team, plus Friends and volunteers are busy:
    Charlotte Caron is organizing class reunions;
    Barbara Barnett is working on the Carolynne McDade concert and Hope Uprising event;
    Betsy Anderson will be hosting the event with Stan McKay and Joy Kogawa on Thursday, October 11;
    Jim Boyles and Patty Evans are planning the Celebration Service on Thursday, October 14;
    Ted Dodd is organizing visits to social ministry sites, while Gwyn Griffith, Caryn Douglas, Lori Stewart, Barbara Lloyd and others are preparing dynamite presentations and workshops for Saturday, October 13!
  • Check out the updated schedule of events.