EW01 Ministry as Storytelling

“Every community-family, local congregation, town and city, nation and denomination-has its own stories. When these communal narratives are connected with God’s story in a deep and appropriate manner, authentic revelation takes place.”

Thomas Boomershine

EW01 Ministry as Storytelling is an education and worship learning circle focusing on story in preaching and teaching, scripture as narrative, and the arts in ministry. Register for EW01 Ministry as Storytelling

Upcoming Dates

  • IN-PERSON INTENSIVE – Oct 11-17, 2023
  • IN-PERSON INTENSIVE – Date TBD, Fall, 2027

The Ministry as Storytelling learning circle is open to CCS diaconal ministry and certificate students as well as casual students in our Continuing Studies program.

Sample schedule – from in-person 2019


  • Learning Circle tuition = $820 CAD
  • Admission fee (one-time cost) = $55 CAD for admission to the Continuing Studies program, $95 CAD for admission to the Diaconal Ministries or Certificate programs