Take the Money and …Budget

Take the Money and …Budget

As a former stock broker and an ordained United Church Minister, Glenn Morison brought his experiences of faith and money to CCS for a workshop on personal finances for students and others. Knowing that “financial burdens can be terribly distracting for ministry,” Glenn offered a practical method of tracking personal spending in order to be more aware of where and how money impacts our lives, health, and ministries.  

Topics ranged from the price of a litre of milk in our communities (1 litre costs $11 in Cross Lake, MB), to vulnerability and power dynamics, to how to help people talk about money. This workshop followed the February CCS Friday on Tithing, also offered by Glenn. “Tithing is a great proclamation that you are not beholden to money, and budgeting is the first step in this.” 

Glenn will host a second workshop on May 5, 2023, 12:00 pm Central time. For any who missed the first workshop, you can still track your spending (to the penny!) and are welcome to join the May 5 session. Click [HERE] to register.  

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