Festival of Biblical Storytelling

Festival of Biblical Storytelling

Our six-week online Living Scripture learning circle began today. Next week we look forward to a session on encountering the Bible through listening and through storytelling with special guest Linnea Good. (Linnea has been with us to talk about Biblical storytelling before, and it’s always a treat!)

If you’re feeling jealous, or if the idea of Biblical piques your interest, you might be interested in the Festival of Biblical Telling coming up in February. Linnea will be a workshop leader, and it will feature storytellers from across Canada, the US, India, and around the world. Linnea sent the following information:

Our time is precious. We want to choose the things we devote ourselves to in the new year – to make the most of the blessing of time itself, to devote ourselves to what will make a difference, and to deepen our trust in God.

“Biblical Telling: A New Way Home” – our online Festival of Biblical Telling 2023 – is that thing. For two and a half days in Epiphany season, February 3rd to 5th, Christian leaders and seekers gather together to experience the gift of learning, telling and listening to Holy Word by heart. 

Along with our keynote addresses, which are led by presenter, Dr Randy Richards, and responded-to by a multicultural circle of responders, we have exceptional workshops, designed for the newcomer to the seasoned teller, and to the person simply interested to know what fresh insights can be gained through the lens of telling the Bible by heart. Visit our web site for information about the programme, including our exceptional workshops. 

For more information, visit the Network of Biblical Storytellers Canada website – https://www.nbscanada.org . (Bursaries available.)