What the Hill?

What the Hill?

How many CCS alumni have summitted Mount Kilimanjaro?  You can read about one of them in What the Hill? A Memoir of Opportunities Taken.  This new book tells the life story of a woman of faith and action–Vera Lyon Bell who attended Covenant College (a forerunner of the Centre for Christian Studies) in 1963-64. 

The story tells of Vera growing up in rural Ontario, training as a nurse and working as a nurse and matron at United Church mission hospitals in Hazelton and Queen Charlotte City in BC.  When Vera found herself seeking a new challenge she took the one-year program at Covenant College.  She was then asked to take an overseas nursing position with the United Church. The story includes her adventures in Portugal and then in Tumutumu, Kenya, her subsequent return to Canada where she married, had a daughter and continued to lead an adventurous life of work and volunteer service to church and community in Prince Rupert and Nanaimo, BC.   

The story is told by Vera to her daughter Heather Bell. It is an attractive book with the stories Vera told, lots of photos and side bars with humorous conversations between Vera and Heather. The writing of the book was completed just prior to Vera’s death a year ago.  The book has just come out and is a fine tribute to her rich life of faith.

Available from www.heatherbell.ca

(Thanks to Charlotte Caron for alerting us and writing up this blurb.)