A Little “Outdoor” Time

A Little “Outdoor” Time

As CCS student Lisa Leffler was out for a walk the other day, she found herself reflecting on how many people are unable to leave their houses these days, and wondering how she could bring a little nature to them.

Last year Lisa engaged in a spiritual practice of spending time in nature every day and took pictures of her experience. In this time of social distancing and self-isolation, she wanted to share those photos with others so they can enjoy a bit of nature while they are stuck indoors!

Lisa set up a dropbox with her nature photos. (Click the link to view her collection of a nature photo for each day of the year, along with information and suggestions about how to use them.)

Lisa offers some suggestions of how to engage in these photos:

  • Look through all the photos and chose one that speaks to you. Ask yourself, “Why am I drawn to this photo?” “What does this photo tell me about myself?” “What does this photo tell me about God (or creation or the universe or whatever language speaks to you)?” (this can be done every day, once week, once a month…whatever fits your schedule)
  • Reflect on the picture of the day (the pictures are numbered not dated so this will require some math or googling). Clear your mind of all distractions and let yourself enter into the image. If it is a close up, imagine what is surrounding the image and explore the scene forming in your mind. If it is a wider scene imagine walking into the photo and explore the details of the image.
  • Just enjoy! Look through the photos whenever you need a little “outdoor” time.

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  1. Mary Churchyard says:

    Thanks for your lovely thoughts and photos, Lisa!

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