Remembering Bessie Lane

Remembering Bessie Lane

Bessie Lane, graduate of the United Church Training School (now the Centre for Christian Studies) in 1960 passed away on December 3, 2019. For all who admired Bessie we are posting the citation introducing her when she was presented with the 2006 Companion of the Centre Award:

The Centre for Christian Studies has been foundational for Bessie Lane’s life in ministry, one marked by a deep commitment to empowering others for service. Through her studies at CCS, she was grounded in a theology of service, education and social justice. Her connection with the school extends beyond her days as a student. Prior to studying, Bessie was on the secretarial staff. After graduation, she was the Dean of Residence and the Director of Field Education. She celebrates her connections with an educational institution that has contributed much to the ongoing story of the United Church in Canada.

Bessie is both a Diaconal and an Ordained Minister of The United Church of Canada. Commissioned in 1966 and ordained in 1976, Bessie has demonstrated her commitment to the ministry of Jesus Christ through faithful service to the church and its people for 40 years.

Bessie has been an inspiration to women, men, youth and children as educator, pastoral care provider, preacher, colleague, social activist, hospitality giver and friend. Her high energy and exceptional leadership have been dedicated to innovative and diverse programs in both Canada and abroad.

Bessie has served congregations in Lindsay, Sudbury, Whitby and Oshawa, Ontario. Under her leadership, such diverse activities as a lay leadership development program and the building of a new church structure flourished. Bessie has shared in team ministry, emphasizing Leadership Development, World Mission, Bible Study, Confirmation and Chaplaincy. She has filled many leadership roles in Presbytery and Conference. In wider service, Bessie has worked with Habitat for Humanity in Central America since 2001. In 1996, Laurentian University in Sudbury recognized Bessie’s contributions with an Honorary Doctor of Divinity degree.

Bessie Lane, faith-filled educator, pastor and compassionate friend to many, was presented with the Companion of the Centre Award at CCS’s Annual Service of Celebration, Sunday, March 26, 2006 at St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, Winnipeg.


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  1. Ruth Sword says:

    I have just met Bessie Lane’s younger sister. I was part of a discussion group that meets at her seniors’ residence and she asked us, as we left, if we were a church group. When we answered that we were, and that we identified as United Church of Canada, she seemed so happy to have someone who would be interested to hear of Bessie and her ministry. I will be returning shortly and she invited me to visit with her. I look forward to hearing more from her about Bessie’s ministry.

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