“There is a sense of excitement” #GC43

“There is a sense of excitement” #GC43

 During General Council 43, various people will be reporting on what’s happening, sharing moments and offering their reflections. Tammy Allan sets the stage.


We have arrived! We are here in Oshawa Ontario at the site of General Council 43. The theme is “Risking Faith, Daring Hope.” The day was mostly devoted to a “Festival of Faith”, with workshops, music, a few food trucks…a celebration of the church’s work and witness, through the arts. There were also opportunities to connect with friends old and new. We gathered for a bit of orientation to the new business model in the late afternoon, and to hear a presentation on the Calls to the Church related to reconciliation with our indigenous brothers and sisters. After dinner, a bit of social time. Those of us from Alberta and Northwest Conference gathered for “cookies and milk” with our conference president, Kathy Yamashita. There was also a welcome party outside on the grounds, with live music…which I can still hear as I type this!

As ‘first days” sometimes go, people are confused about where to be at what time, and how to find meeting spaces, but there is also a sense of excitement as we come together to do the work of being the church, to make decisions and begin to live into the changes that must come. Some of that excitement also comes from a real sense of being part of something bigger than our own little corners of this United Church of ours. We are indeed a big family of faith. We have our points of diversity, and we have a whole lot in common.

Tammy Allan
Olds-Sundre Pastoral Charge

Tammy Allan is a diaconal minister and graduate of CCS.
Check the CCS website, ccsonline.ca, for on-going updates from GC43.

Feature photo by Aaron Miechkota.


CCS Central Council co-chair Kathy Platt is sharing her reflections on GC43 at http://mckenzieuc.blogspot.com/. Check it out.


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    Sounds like a good beginning! Thank you Tammy.

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