Closed for a breather!

Closed for a breather!

The office will be closed on Friday, April 27.

We’re taking the day off!

We’ve graduated the grads, celebrated the Companion of the Centre and gathered in learning communities to engage and learn about Relationships and Right Relations. The Central Council has met face-to-face and diaconal ministers from across Canada have congregated in Winnipeg for a bi-annual gathering.

We’ve just completed what we like to call “the week of everything” although this year it was more like 2 weeks!  We’ve laughed and cried and learned and connected and gathered and feasted and celebrated. And now we’re going to take a day off.

The office will be closed on Friday, April 27.
Catch us back here next week!

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  1. Barbara Barnett says:

    More than well-deserved! Enjoy Spring

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