Community across the country – CCS annual meeting

Community across the country – CCS annual meeting

CCS is big on community.  As a national school we are very intentional about keeping connected and evolving technology has helped with this. Over the years, advancements in conference calling improved the annual meeting as people called in from across the country.  It was still a challenge as connections were often poor and hearing who was speaking was sometimes difficult.

This year’s annual meeting on March 8 saw a big leap as newer technology allowed many people to gather through video conferencing. Folks in Winnipeg congregated at Woodsworth House joined by people on video from coast to coast along with a few by phone.


Screen shot of Zoom video conferencing.


The ability to see each other as we checked in, worshipped and attended to business created a greater sense of community. It was lovely to connect faces to voices and to see friends who are spread across the country.  Votes could be done by show of hands and we could see nodding heads and smiles.

The format of the Annual Report also changed this year. Rather than the traditional report with each committee outlining their work for the year, we highlighted a few key accomplishments with a focus on students and the new program design, presented in a lively 4-page newsletter-style format. If you haven’t had a chance to see it, you can download a copy here.


CCS Annual Report 2017

At CCS one of our key values is learning in community.  Keeping up with technology is one of those learnings which, incidentally, also helps us maintain community. With on-going change in the church and the world, we have worked to maintain the flexibility to respond to changes while meeting needs of students for a future that is not quite clear. We are grateful to a faithful community made of generous people, offering their time, talents and treasures to this sacred work. Thanks be to God.