CCS welcomes new staff!

CCS welcomes new staff!

Marcie Gibson

When CCS embarked on a program review and redesign in 2015, there was no specific intent to roll out a newly designed program immediately. With the program staff team down following Ann’s medical leave and Maylanne’s retirement meaning a brand new principal, there are enough changes going on, right? But if change is a’happening you might as well go full out. Why wait? And so as Michelle Owens steps into the principal role, the new school year launches the new program structure and there’s more new staff.

Kimiko Karpoff

To facilitate the redesigned program, Scott Douglas, who has for many years held the communications portfolio among his other work, is redirecting some of his time to program. Kimiko Karpoff will be picking up some of those communications pieces, such as primary focus on Common Threads and Tapestry.

Marcie Gibson has joined the program team on contract, with particular responsibility for the Integration Year and field placement coordination. She’ll be facilitating the Integration Year learning circles and supporting students and learning sites involved in field placements.

Kimiko and Marcie will be working from their respective homes in New Westminster, BC and Hamilton, ON and only venturing to Winnipeg when it’s above -20 and there are no mosquitoes.


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  1. Hubert Den Draak says:

    Excellent news! Knowing these two (three, including Scott, even tough he has a history of writing plays) very qualified persons I believe they will be naturals in their new role, and an asset to the Centre and its students.

  2. Ted J Dodd says:

    The Centre for Christian Studies is blessed by its depth of talent and vision. To my dear colleagues, Marcie, Scott and Kimiko, I send my respect, best wishes and gratitude. (same goes to Michelle, David, Janet, Lorie and Cheryl) Ted

  3. Alice Watson says:

    Wonderful and skillful choices! Great times continue at CCS!

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