Continuing Studies at the Centre for Christian Studies

Continuing Studies at the Centre for Christian Studies

Are you interested in the kind of learning that goes on at the Centre for Christian Studies?  Do you wish you could explore specific themes and topics in spiritual care, or social justice, or Christian education and/or worship as part of a circle of learners?  But you don’t want to be a deacon or diaconal minister?  Or maybe you already are in ministry, but you’d like to keep learning.  Maybe you’re a CCS alumni who misses the community of a learning circle.

Continuing Studies at CCS may be for you.  Apply to be a Continuing Studies student, and you can register for theme learning circles with diaconal students – reading, discussing, exploring, connecting.

This fall we’re offering two six-day learning circles:

October 11-17, 2017 – Ministry as Listening (SC01)
October 19-25, 2017 – Grief and Loss (SC02)

Next spring there will be two more:

April 11-17, 2018 – Relationships (SC03)
April 19-25, 2018 – Right Relations (SJ05)

We’re also looking at a potential online circle running from January 2018 – March 2018 on  Ages and Stages in Christian education and worship (EW2)

If a 6-day learning circle is too much for you, maybe one of our mini-courses might be up your alley.  These brief online courses focus on specific skills or introducing some key concepts on a specific topic.  You do the reading and work on the suggested assignments at your own pace.  For example, you might be interested in:

The CCS Action-Reflection Spiral
Giving and Receiving Feedback

CCS grads might also be interested in the Alumni Reading Circle, a mini-course featuring the readings for the CCS courses and learning circles in a year and the opportunity to discuss them online with other alumni.  (If you’re volunteering as a mentor for a CCS diaconal student, you’ll receive a complimentary enrollment in the Alumni Reading Circle; you’ll know what the students are studying and perhaps discover new resources for yourself!)

To apply to be a Continuing Studies student at CCS, visit the Admissions page on the CCS website.  Or for more information, email Scott at